Class details

Learning Stage 4 & 50 metres (5.5 - 10yrs)

Sunday 10:30am - 11:00am

Limited Spaces Available 🎉
Venue details

Fuller Life Fitness Centre ,
Watford Grammar School for Girls,
Entrance on Vicarage Road through Blue Gate,
WD18 0AE   view map

Venue Notes
The car park is situated on Vicarage Road - not down Lady's Close - through a blue gated entrance, the gates will be open, the swimming pool is directly in front of the gated entrance.

Swimmers MUST be able to COMPLETE all of the following outcomes without aids, equipment or support to ENTER this class.

Push & Glide requirements:
- Swim a minimum of 20 metres showing face down front crawl. This must include basic side breathing. Arms must clear the water & demonstrate a smooth circular overarm recovery
- Swim a minimum of 20 metres backstroke, including basic overarm recovery
-Be confident swimming in the deep end

Swim England requirements:
1. Jump in from poolside and submerge to a minimum depth of 1.0 metre.
2. Sink, push away from wall and maintain a streamlined position.
3. Push and glide on the front with arms extended and log roll onto the back.
4. Push and glide on the back with arms extended and log roll onto the front.
5. Travel 5 metres on the front, perform a tuck to rotate onto the back and return on the back.
6. Fully submerge to pick up an object.
7. Answer correctly three questions on the Water Safety Code.
8. Push and glide and travel 10 metres on the back.
9. Push and glide and travel 10 metres on the front.
10. Perform a tuck float and hold for three seconds.
11. Exit the water without using steps.



This price covers the 10 sessions remaining in this term.

All children also have to pay a one-off £5.00 Registration Fee

Sunday 10:30am - 11:00am

10 sessions Sun 29 Sep 19 Sun 06 Oct 19 Sun 13 Oct 19 Sun 20 Oct 19 Sun 03 Nov 19 Sun 10 Nov 19 Sun 17 Nov 19 Sun 24 Nov 19 Sun 01 Dec 19 Sun 08 Dec 19